8 Steps

to The Best Dashcam

The dashcam, or dashboard camera, has become an essential vehicle accessory primarily because of solid evidence that it aids with self-protection. As the industry expands, consumers enjoy more options with dashcams coming in different shapes and with diverse features. This article is intended to shed some light on how to select the right dashcam for your needs.
Image Sensor
Image sensor captures the light coming in through the lens to form a digital image. The larger the image sensor, the greater number of pixels it contains, meaning the more light it receives to produce clearer images with less noise.
Day Time
Night Time
Field of view
The most common field of view found among dashcams is 130 degrees to 160 degrees. While a larger field of view means more imagery is captured, this comes at the cost of distortion and decreased resolution, particularly around the edges. Therefore, a wider angular field of view isn't necessarily better.
Resolution determines image clarity. At a minimum, 1080P Full HD is recommended to ensure that details, such as license plates, are captured clearly. High resolution is also useful for better clarity of zoom-in images.
Frame rate
Frame rate, commonly referred to as frames per second (FPS), indicates the number of frames or images taken per second to make up a video. Shooting at 60fps means you can zoom in on any shot and easily make out crucial details, such as license plates. A rate of 30fps or faster is sufficient for smooth video; 20fps or lower has noticeable flicker or choppiness.
An inbuilt battery in a dashcam allows time to save a video file when the car engine turns off. It allows presets to be retained, such that power failure does not result in a return to default settings, such as time and date.
APP & Wi-Fi
As dashcams are made in a discreet form factor without a display screen, built-in Wi-Fi brings greater convenience when working with the exclusive app on mobile devices. You can set up your dashcam directly via your mobile device, and share snapshots and videos instantly.
Live View
GPS can precisely locate your position anywhere in the world. Dashcams with a GPS receiver can log coordinates, date, and time into recorded video footage, useful when you call for help but are unsure of your location.

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