Finding the right
memory card

Have you ever wondered why memory card specifications are so diverse, transfer speeds differ, and your devices are only compatible with certain cards? And with so much to consider, how can you choose the right one?

Below we've listed some of our favorite memory cards. No matter the occasion or application, Transcend has just the right solution for your device.

Interchangeable-lens cameras

The professional's choice

Timing is everything. When you're a professional photographer or videographer trying to eternalize a crucial moment, there's no time to spare. For you, impeccable transfer rates combined with sufficient storage space are among life's necessities.


Transcend's SDXC/SDHC 700S memory cards meet UHS-II Speed Class 3 (U3) and UHS Video Speed Class 90 (V90) standards. They can unleash the full power of your UHS-II compliant DSLR cameras and camcorders. We recommend them for capturing flawless RAW images, and for recording ultra-high quality 8K videos.

  • 8K Ultra HD Video
  • V90 Video Speed Class 90
  • High-speed Burst Mode Photography
  • Read Speed

Digital cameras / Camcorders

Record your everyday life

Digital cameras and camcorders are powerful tools for storytellers to record moments in great detail. Choosing a memory card that comes with sufficient storage and is unfailingly reliable will ensure that all your high resolution files are there when you need them.


SDXC/SDHC 500S & 330S

Transcend's SDXC/SDHC 500S and SDXC/SDHC 330S memory cards meet UHS Video Speed Class 30 (V30)1 standards to allow for smooth, uninterrupted 4K video capture, making them a great fit for your UHS-I compliant digital cameras or camcorders. The SDXC/SDHC 330S is compliant with the latest A2 specification2 for high mobile performance. Both come in extra large capacities, so be as productive as you please!

1V30 compliance applies only to 64GB-128GB capacity cards.
2A2 Performance applies only to the SDXC/SDHC 330S.

  • 4K Ultra HD Video
  • V30 Video Speed Class 30
  • Burst Mode Photography

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